KLM Experiential at Tour Of Britain – Bath Stage

KLM and Bristol Airport continued their experiential activity for the tour of Britain. Bloon were on hand to operate their bespoke inflatable gazebo and sculpted inflatable letters.

As the main sponsors for this stage of the Tour Of Britain, it was most important that both KLM and Bristol Airport were well branded at the event. They certainly could not be missed with the stunning advertising inflatable letters, which stand 12ft tall and over 30ft long. Together with the inflatable gazebo, which housed promotional staff offering a host of goodies for the public.

With stunning sunshine the event attracted in excess of 10,000 people and KLM were very proud to be placed right infront of them all. Gaining great coverage for the brand and their services from Bristol Airport.

Bloon operate all of KLM’s promotional inflatables and their character costume “bluey”.

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