Santa balloon

Hamleys Toy Parade Balloons 2016

Way back in January Bloon were asked by the organisers of Hamleys Toy Parade to review all of their giant parade balloons. Their previous supplier failed to produce balloons that would fly or stay inflated. This left many people rather frustrated and embarrassed. From the outset it was clear that Bloon’s superior knowledge of inflatables and event management was going to be of huge help in putting together the worlds biggest toy parade.

During the next 10 months Bloon worked constantly on this project designing and building a total of 9 fantastic helium filled parade balloons. Dealing with various stakeholders ranging from BBC to Sony. Each balloon was bespoke designed to the clients exacting requirements, whilst trying to maintain the tone of the event being fun and festive. Some of the parade balloons were built to replicate toys. These are particularly difficult to produce as they especially need to be faithful representations of the items as not to cause any confusion.

Bloon provided nearly 50 members of staff to operate the balloons down Regent Street in London. Including our specialist balloon managers. We also managed all health and safety liaising with Westminster City Councils health and safety team.

In total nearly 5 tons of equipment were delivered to site including some 100 cubic meters of helium to inflate all of the balloons.

The bloonists had a very early start at 5:30am in Golden Square, London ready to inflate all the balloons. The main issue on the day itself was the yellow weather warning from storm Angus, Despite this the 3 hour setup and inflation of the balloons went without issue and at 10:30am the balloons headed onto one of the most famous streets in the captial Infront of nearly 1 million spectators the balloons were paraded up the street infront of Hamleys Toy Store before then being placed on static display for the rest of the day.

Several balloons stole the show, however Mr Stay puft from the Ghostbusters franchise garnered the most attention from the media.

The whole event was a huge success and planning is already underway for Hamleys Toy Parade 2017.