Inflatable Blimp

Bunnings Blimp Launches First UK Store

Late 2016 and Bloon were approached to provide a range of solutions to help Bunnings, the Austrailian home retail giant transform the Homebase estate into their very special brand of Bunnings Warehouses’.  Bloon won our pitch against several other suppliers by providing a whole host of options, using our special position as the UK’s only inflatable and aerial marketing agency.

Bloon are unparalleled in our ability to work with clients to provide a bespoke inflatable marketing solution that fits into your marketing brief. We understand that you have probably never worked with inflatables before. You may not be sure what you actual need in order to reach your goals, Perhaps you are unsure of any legalities surrounding the use of an inflatable. Unlike many other “suppliers” Bloon are happy to offer all the advice and help you would need from a marketing point of view. It’s all about having Imagination and some creativity to help you create a standout campaign.

Bloon will be operating the Bunnings blimps for the next 2 years at all of the store launches across the UK. There are also several other Bunnings Branded Inflatables to be launched in the coming months.  So keep your eyes peeled for the pantone matched blimp flying high in the sky at a Bunnings store near you, very soon.

Blimps make a fantastic advertising tool. Flying upto 200ft in the air, easily visible from upto 5 miles away and simple to transport from location to location. Bloon can of course look after every aspect of your aerial marketing campaign.

If you would like your own branded blimp then take a look at the page here or contact us today for an informal chat about what you would like to achieve.