Giant 21m ball with 1m crowd balls

Worlds Largest Inflatable Structure

After finishing in the London with the worlds largest beach ball, we packed up the stuff, got ourselves together and headed to the airport, next stop on the trip was Estonia, this time to attempt another world record. Within 7 days the possibility to do two world records in a week was on the horizon.

We arrived in Estonia around midnight and made our way to the hotel, very tired from completing the Beach ball in London, but we where all in high spirits knowing that we had the opportunity for another record. We woke early the next morning and gathered in the hotel lobby to prepare to go to the location of the next record. We got to Freedom square in the middle of Tallin old city and the wind was blowing a gale, we looked at each the other and a sense of disappoint came across us, we was sat at the location knowing that the wind had the potential to stop us in our tracks, we didn’t know if the next record was going to happen.

After talking to the client, many suggestions being fired back and forth, a new location was decided upon, the World record attempt would go ahead, 2 hours away from the original location, a day later. A lot of organizing was needed to make the new location happen, vehicles needed arranging to get the team and all the kit over to the location , hotels and flights needed booking for the extended stay.

That afternoon the team had some down time and managed to get a few hours in the old part of Tallin, we took in some of the sights, ate some amazing food and got some well needed rest before the early start the next day.

We woke up on the day of the event and the weather looked a lot better, we loaded the vehicles, the team got ready and we set off to the location. After a long drive through the Estonian countryside we had arrived. The weather wasn’t as good as it was in Tallin, but it seemed good enough to go ahead, the vans arrived, the doors opened, it was game on for the second record attempt.

Everyone knew what we had to do, the structure got unrolled, the generator came to life and structure started to take shape. We had a tight deadline knowing that 600 plus would be arriving on a train specially for the clients event, they had no idea that they would be seeing the worlds largest inflatable, the world record structure had to be fully inflated and ready for there arrival. With the fans working on over time, we run about tethering the giant sphere to the ground, the bigger it became, the tether lines needed adjusting as it grew, the deadline was getting close. There was also 100 crowd spheres that needed inflating with the clients branding on that needed to be ready as they came off the train.

That was it, the structure fully inflated and tethered in place, the crowd spheres all inflated and ready for the trains arrival. We retreated up a hill and out of sight, waiting patiently for the party to arrive. Noise started to travel towards us, the first of the party came into sight, the train had arrived. The party goers became more and more, they walked down the road as we sat and watched there arrival, the sphere came into view and people started to cheer and run towards the crowd balls, the scene was set and went down very well, the crowd balls being thrown into the air and passed around, the sound of laughter filled the air. We had done it, two world records in a week!

After the party left the location the massive job of packing the everything away began, we worked into the night to get everything ready to go home in the early hours of the next morning. It was a race to get everything packed up and loaded, back to the hotel to get our stuff and get to the airport. We managed to finish at the location, everything was loaded, that was it, we started the journey home, after the longest week of work we celebrated with an Estonian Long Drink and made our way to the airport. We had done it and it was time to leave Estonia for the U.K knowing we had done our second world record in a week.