Jelly fish balloon

Giant Inflatable Jellyfish for Telford Parade of Giants

Bloon are the UK’s leading supplier of helium filled parade balloons. One of the many events we provided parade balloons for throughout 2017 was Telford’s Parade of Giants.

This years theme was under the sea, and we were delighted to be supplying giant helium filled Jellyfish balloons. Each one a different colour but all measuring a whopping 3m in diameter and over 6m long with their tentacles hanging down.

The team of Bloonists were on hand to walk the balloons along the parade route to the delight of the Thousands of people in attendance.

Bloon have all the required licenses and permission to operate large scale parade balloons in major UK cities. Our expert knowledge of how to handle such giant balloons and manage all the required health and safety requirements is demonstrated by how many parades we now manage for councils and private clients.