world record balloon flight

Blooning in France at Mondial Air Balloon Event

Bloon took part in the biennial hot air Balloon event near Metz, France is one of the largest gatherings of hot air balloons in the world.

Our 5 person balloon G-BVBL was there providing crew training for both pilots and ground crew.

The 10 day event is the highlight of the ballooning calendar with teams from around the globe attending. We were also delighted to have taken part in the Grand Line. This is the record to have the most balloons in the air at any one time. This record was easily broken with over 700 aircraft in the air within 15 minutes of each other and made for quite the spectacle.

Our larger balloon is ideal for using as a camera platform or other filming work, being unbranded but with the ability to take banners makes it incredibly versatile.

If you would like to hire us to provide aerial filming work or be part of your event, contact a Bloonist today!!