Helium filled parade balloons

Parade balloons steal the show on Regent Street

Once again Bloon’s giant helium filled parade balloons took centre stage at this years Toy Parade on Regent Street.

Bloon are the UK’s leading provider of helium filled parade balloons. We offer a full management service from the initial concepts of your parade right through to staffing, logistics and health & safety. All of which is managed in house by our team of Bloonists.

2017 has been a bumper year for giant parade balloons in the UK, a trend which already looks like it will be getting even more popular in 2018.

Community engagement is very important for local authorities and of course experiential is vital for brands. Bloon can help with all of this and ensure that your brand is represented in a larger than life fashion!

More details on our giant parade balloons can be found on the page here or of course you can always contact a Bloonist to discuss your options.