Giant Parade balloon

Pride Parade Balloons

We were delighted to be asked by several companies to supply parade balloons for Pride London.

The first balloon was a giant Deliveroo logo designed specially in the pride colours. It stood a massive 20ft tall and almost 20ft long. With a volume of over 670 cubic feet.

Our next balloon was a giant heart for Fidelity International. The heart was 2.5m to be able to float through the streets of London. It was also carrying a specially designed logo for Fidelity with the pride colours.

Bloon also supplied pride colour latex balloons, with valves and inflated for the rest of the volunteers to carry along the route.

Bloon are Europes leading supplier of giant parade balloons. Not only do we supply the balloons for you, we can also provide comprehensive consultancy advice and management for your parade event.

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