hot air balloon flies away

Winter Ballooning at Icicle Balloon Meet

Bloon have been working hard over the winter training new pilots and crew.

Using our unbranded hot air balloons which are normally provided for corporate events and wedding balloon hire.

To get your private pilots license it is required to do a minimum of 16 hours flight training, 4 instructional flights, a solo flight and General Flight Test with an examiner. As well as 5 written exams in Air Law, Meterology, Navigation, Human Performance and Balloon Systems. Of course all of our pilots here at Bloon hold Commercial Pilots Licenses. This is several more years training and experience.

The annual Icicle balloon meet is held near newbury the first weekend of the new year. It has been going since the 70’s attracting balloonists from across the country for a weekend of flying and also enjoying the exhibition from various balloon manufacturers and suppliers.

Although not an advertised public event, with thanks to social media. The event is now gathering quite a crowd with people sharing their pictures far and wide.

Hot air ballooning is a fantastic sport or hobby and there are lots of ways to get involved. We are always happy to hear from people who are looking to get involved in ballooning.