inflatable breast and london bus

Breast Inflatables for Elvie #freethefeed campaign

Once again Bloon were delighted to supply 5 giant inflatable breasts of various sizes, skin tones and features for the #freethefeed campaign.

This was another challenging campaign with the 5 inflatables all being situated on roof tops across Shoreditch in London. Many of the locations were difficult to get all of the equipment onto including the ballast, fans, inflatables and not to mention our team of expert installation crew.

Of course given an incredibly tight time scale (and equally tight roof access) the team at Bloon managed to install the inflatables on the roof tops infront of waiting media who then sent the images of the inflatable breasts across the world.

Bloon are experts in delivering unique and creative promotional campaigns with knowledge of the various issues that surround these kinds of campaigns.