Retro design Fanta Branded hot air balloon in flight

Retro design Fanta balloon joins the Fleet

We recently took delivery of this stunning Retro design Fanta hot air balloon. Sporting the logo from the early 80’s this fantastic 2 man balloon will be seen up and down the UK at balloon events.

Bloon are so excited to be able to add more and more balloons to our ever expanding fleet with some very exciting new additions coming in the following months.

Hot air balloon advertising is one of the only forms of marketing that the public actually want to engage with and are happy to share on their own social media platforms. A single flight over a small town can be seen by as many as 10,000 people, even if just a quarter of those share on their social media the full reach could be in the tens of thousands. Giving a fantastic return on investment from each and every single outing.

What makes balloons and ballooning so special is that they are still rare, you dont see them all the time and so when you do its very exciting.

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Fanta Retro Hot Air Balloon Takes to the skies.