Giant Inflatable Sphere Set Up in Helsinki

Giant Sphere Inflatable Helsinki

Bloon were approached to design, build and operate a huge cold air inflatable sphere in Helsinki, Finland.

The client chose Bloon because of our impeccable track record when delivering such specialist inflatable projects.

Following a site visit earlier in the year, Bloon managed not only the design and build of the 18,500 cubic feet inflatable, but also the logistics of getting it and associated equipment and crew to Finland. We also worked with the venue and client on Health & Safety, Lighting and all the filming and media details.

The inflatable was situated at Alas Sea Pools right at the harbour side in the centre of Helsinki. Ensuring that wind speeds and weather were all monitored and managed correctly and safely.

The inflatable itself is designed to represent a tonne of Co2. being 10.4m diameter, infront of the inflatable was a pile of wood representing the same amount of Co2.

Once again this project shows how Bloon are able to execute amazing inflatable projects, anywhere in the world. Our unrivalled experience operating inflatables in all manner of conditions ensures your project gets delivered and gets the results that you are looking for.

If you have a project that could use our unique skills then contact us today.