Digitally printed inflatable globe sphere for Britain's Got Talent

Bloons Got Talent!

Bloon have been a long term supplier for various ITV productions including Britains Got Talent and their latest version BGT the Champions. We have supplied inflatable props and numerous promotional inflatables to both ITV and their production partners.

We were delighted to spend the day with the team at BGT providing them with a huge 3m digitally printed globe.

The whole project was kept very secret, infact even the Bloonists didnt know which act would be using the giant inflatable.

Needless to say it looked visually stunning both on camera and in real life as it hung high above the stage in Wembley Arena.

Bloon have years of experience providing inflatable props to TV shows, Movies and commercials. With an indepth understanding of how production schedules work and the flexibility to change plans in fast paced industry.

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