Special Shape Grenade Hot Air Balloon Tethered At Farm Fitness Event With Grenade Shaker As Basket

Farm Fitness and Football

Another day another adventure with the Grenade team, this time we took to the balloon to Farm Fitness in Dunmow for a content day with Grenades influencers.

Farm Fitness is a fitness centre like no other! Based off the farming environment and equipment. We came here to be apart of Grenades influencer meeting and to show off the new balloon and to create some great pieces of content for their content creators. This included having a professional footballer sit on the side of the basket doing kick ups! (He was harnessed into the basket and crash mats were placed when basket was off the ground). We did tethered balloons rides for the influencers allowing then to get bits of content within the air, with the great work of Grenades content team they were able to edit out vehicles, tether ropes and crash mats.

Below is a gallery of photos taken from the day. More content will be put on Bloon, Grenade and Grenades influencers social media pages, keep your eyes peeled for it!