Inflatable Billboards

inflatable billboard

Inflatable Billboards that can pop up any where in a matter of minutes.

Really want to have a Billboard in a location for a few days? Then why not use an inflatable Billboard from Bloon?

From 6 sheet to 48 sheet or even bigger, like our Mega Board.  Inflatable Billboards from Bloon are a great way of moving your message around without having to have numerous static sites! Inflatable Billboards can be moved from site to site easily. With a set-up time of less than 20 minutes.

Bloon can manage your inflatable billboard for you including print, location, and operation.

The great thing about an Inflatable Billboard is that it can pop up anywhere! Town Centres, Roadsides, or even floating on water! The options are endless and Bloon can help you to deliver a campaign with real impact.

Bloon have a range of inflatable billboards available to hire from single days to month long campaigns. Speak to a Bloonist today about the various inflatable advertising solutions available.

Bloon can also provide a range of Product and Character inflatables if you are looking for a more bespoke inflatable option.

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