Special Shape Balloons

special shaped helium balloon

Bloon are the UK’s leading suppliers of helium filled advertising balloons.  From years of experience in lighter than air marketing we are able to advise on all of the technical aspects of making your giant advertising balloon a reality.

Special Shape Balloons – Sizes

Generally much larger than other typical shapes such as blimps, cubes and spheres. Special shapes operate within certain conditions.  The experts at Bloon are able to explain everything to you and then ensure that what you want to achieve is made possible! Our operational capability means your special shape helium balloon can be safely operated and managed anywhere in the world.

We have constructed and operated all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes. From Giant Planes to Flying Pigs!

So if you really want to get your brand aloft in the best way possible, speak to the UK’s only Inflatable Marketing Agency.

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