Balloon Management

Two Hot Air Balloons Tethered In Doha For Advertising Purposes

What do you want to achieve? This is our starting point with any campaign. Unlike some Hot Air Balloon Operators, Bloon is a marketing agency and not a company run by balloonists with no marketing or PR experience. We look at, and understand your brief. We work with you to get the best hot air balloon for your needs, not what we want to fly or operate.

Hot Air Balloon Management Campaign

All of our hot air balloon marketing campaigns are tailored to suit your needs. For example you are looking for a hot air balloon for short term high profile campaign that needs to get results quicly and be operated easily. There is little point in having a huge special shape or a balloon that’s capable of flying 5 or more people. Likewise if you are looking for something to really grab media attention at key events, a small hot air balloon really wouldn’t be suitable.

Bloon has the in-house expertise to ensure your aerial marketing campaign has a great return on investment. We can provide a comprehensive list of events for your balloon to attend as well as working with you or your PR agency to get your brand in-front of the right audience.