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Bloon are the UK’s only inflatable and aerial marketing agency.

We have a solution to fit any creative brief you may have. We help businesses with their Marketing Worldwide. From  helium filled spheres for your exhibition to an attention grabbing Guerilla Marketing PR stunts with hot air balloons.

With in-depth knowledge of cold air advertising inflatables, helium blimps, hot air balloons, inflatable buildings and much more.

No other UK supplier of hot air balloons or inflatables can match our experience across all of these combined fields.

Bloon are the foremost authority on giant parade balloons in the UK. Supplying some of the biggest parade balloons outside of the United States. 

Promotional inflatable on the south bank London

Advertising Inflatables & Hot Air Balloons

Parade Balloons

Giant Parade Balloons for parade events

Balloon Advertising

Hot Air Balloon Design, Manufacture & Operation

Advertising Inflatables

Advertising inflatables of all shapes and sizes

Helium Inflatables

Helium filled blimps, Spheres and Cubes

Sports Inflatables

Sports Pitches, Shoot outs, assault courses and more

Inflatable Structures

Inflatable Marquees, Gazebos, stage covers and buildings


Grenade Hot Air Balloon

When protein bar company Grenade wanted to make a big impact they came to Bloon for a giant 100ft tall hot air balloon in the shape of their icon Grenade logo. 

Bloon managed the design, construction and operation of the most photographed balloon of the 2020’s. With social media interactions leaping by upto 300% after just 1 flight. 

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