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Inflatable and Aerial Marketing from Bloon. The World Record Beating Advertising Inflatable Company!

Bloon are the UK’s only inflatable and aerial marketing agency. We have a solution to fit any creative brief you may have. From a Nationwide shopping centre experiential tour to an attention grabbing PR stunt. With indepth knowledge of cold air advertising inflatables, helium blimps, hot air balloons, inflatable buildings and much more. No other UK supplier of balloons or inflatables can match our experience across all of these combined fields.

Contact Bloon today and you’ll be talking to the UK’s most exciting Aerial Marketing and inflatable advertising agency, offering every conceivable type of bespoke inflatable, from fantastic hot air balloons and blimps, to revolutionary inflatable buildings and amazing parade balloons.

We manage your project from start to finish, from a logo branded Helium sphere for an exhibition, to a multi-passenger hot air balloon boasting around seventeen hundred square metres of advertising space; it could even look like your logo or product!

Bloon are the leading supplier of Parade Balloons to the UK. Managing one off balloons taking part in an existing event, to producing specially designed parade balloons and events incorporating multiple stake holders.

With over twenty years experience, we’re always coming up with new campaigns and branding solutions using our specialist knowledge of advertising inflatables and hot air balloons, so talk to the only marketing agency you’ll actually want to get hot air from – call Bloon today, and watch your brand take off!

COVID-19 Statement

Here are Bloon we are committed to helping businesses and brands of all sizes overcome the difficulties of Covid-19. Our dedicated team are working safely across our entire range of products and services. Be it Hot Air Balloons, Inflatables or Events. We have safety measures in place and our operational teams are in a work “bubble” to ensure we can still deliver amazing promotions and experiences for you.

We are the only company to organise and run a Covid safe public hot air balloon event this year, as well as delivering attention grabbing hot air balloon campaigns for our clients up and down the country. We are delighted to report that not one of our crew or indirect contacts have reported any Coronavirus.

We are looking forward to being of service to our clients in 2021 and helping you all grow and recover from an incredibly challenging 2020.

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