Inflatable Columns

Giant Inflatable Columns Made For SkyFest and Set Up At Entrance of Park

Inflatable Columns from Bloon are a great way to create an entrance display or a creative alternative to roller banners. 

Branded Inflatable Columns

These are based on either a 48cm or 78cm diameter base. Contained within this base is a fan and lighting. Columns can be as small as 1m or as tall as 5m. Bespoke designed columns can also be produced offering a range of heights and diameters to suite your specific needs.

Bloon also offer sealed air inflatable columns in sizes from 3m to 5m. These are ideal for locations where power supply may be an issue!

Full printing using both digital and dye sublimation techniques are available.

We can also build our fantastic range of inflatable arches from the same base units, making stunning entrances or markers for events.

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