Elevate Your Events with Inflatable Ballot Boxes

Here at Bloon we bring a touch of democracy to your events with our striking Inflatable Ballot Boxes. Perfect for displays, indoor exhibitions, and outdoor events, our inflatable ballot boxes are designed to make a statement and engage your audience in a unique way.

Democratic Solutions for Every Setting:

Stock or Custom: Choose from our ready-to-hire stock collection for a quick and impactful solution, or collaborate with us to create a custom-designed inflatable that perfectly aligns with your brand and event theme.

Helium or Air-Filled: Elevate the impact with helium-filled inflatable ballot boxes that float gracefully, or opt for the grounded charm of air-filled options. Add a touch of your brand by incorporating custom branding, ensuring your message is as powerful as the act of casting a vote.

Customization Beyond Limits:

Size to Impress: Our inflatable ballot boxes come in a range of sizes, from a compact 1m to a grand 10m-plus. Tailor the size to match your display space, ensuring a visual impact that encourages participation and engagement.

Fully Customizable Branding: Showcase your brand by adding custom branding to your inflatable. Whether it’s logos or messaging, we ensure your brand stands out in the midst of enthusiasm.

Precision and Support:

3D Models for Precision: Before production begins, we provide detailed 3D models of your inflatable. This ensures every detail is crafted with precision, bringing your vision to life seamlessly.

Unrivalled Pre and Post-Production Support: Our commitment to excellence extends beyond production. From initial event planning to post-production inquiries, our team provides unparalleled support, ensuring your experience is seamless and impactful.


Operational Excellence: Trust in the operational expertise of our dedicated team. We ensure a seamless setup and operation, allowing you to focus on creating lasting moments.

Make Your Voice Heard, Create Impactful Displays