Inflatable dome

Bespoke branded inflatable dome by Bloon

An inflatable dome can come in all sizes and construction methods are available from Bloon. If you are looking for a small shelter or perhaps something a little larger to use as a portable theatre, we have the solution!

Domes can make stunning exhibition spaces and are also ideal for internal 360 degree projection.

Inflatable domes can be manufactured in various methods. The most popular way is similar to our Cube Marquee style with little dimples across the surface. Another method is the air wall style and most recently we have added a spectacular range of clear domes to our offering.

Available in sizes from 2m to 20m+ and of course with a whole variety of configurations including entrance tunnels, Clear panels for lighting, add on break-out areas and more!

Bloon can offer guidance on which style would work best for any inflatable domes based on your usage and branding.