Instore promotions

Instore promotions from Bloon

In-store promotional advertising refers to marketing activities that take place within a physical retail environment to promote products or services directly to customers. These promotions are designed to attract shoppers’ attention, increase sales, and enhance the overall shopping experience. In-store promotional advertising can take various forms, including:

  1. Point-of-Purchase Displays: Bloon can create a range of inflatables from PVC sealed air inflatables, Hanging inflatable displays or columns and arches strategically placed near the checkout counters or throughout the store to catch shoppers’ attention and encourage impulse purchases.

  2. Product Sampling: Offering free samples of products to shoppers within the store can increase awareness, encourage trial, and drive sales. This is particularly effective for food and beverage items but can also work for other product categories. Bloon provide sample booths that can be used both inside the store or outside

  3. In-Store Events: Bloon can provide special events, such as product launch parties, celebrity appearances, or themed promotions, can create excitement and draw more foot traffic to the store.

  4. Promotional Signage: From our range of inflatable billboards, helium blimps, airdancers and even product replica inflatables. Bloon can help you to select the right advertising inflatable for your needs.

  5. Cross-Promotions: Partnering with other brands or manufacturers to offer bundled deals or collaborative promotions can attract new customers and increase sales for both parties involved. Bloon have worked on some great promotional cross overs covering retail, entertainment and car brands.

  6. Seasonal Promotions: Christmas, Easter and Valentines day are always great opportunities for instore promotions. Here at Bloon we have a great range of Christmas Inflatables ideal for attracting attention.

In-store promotional advertising should be carefully planned and executed to align with the retailer’s overall marketing objectives, target audience preferences, and brand image. Additionally, it’s essential to measure the effectiveness of these promotions through metrics such as sales lift, foot traffic, and customer feedback to optimize future campaigns and maximize ROI.

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