Inflatable Marquees

Inflatable Marquee from Bloon

Add some style to your next marketing or experiential campaign with a stunning inflatable marquee or inflatable cube marquee.

Using the very latest designs and manufacturing techniques, Bloon has been developing air-supported structures for 10 years plus.  From this, we have come up with the most stunning designs and concepts for inflatable cube marquees in the UK and across the globe.

Many clients opt for the classic white colour although full printing is available and bannering is also an option for easily inter-changeable branding and messages. We also have a range of other colours in stock.

With set-up times from as little as 10 minutes, inflatable buildings and marquees are a genuine alternative to traditional marquees. Inflatable cube marquees offer a unique environment for your next event or promotion.

Lighting is also something that can offer a unique twist on the usual.  Rather than take up valuable floor space internal lighting can be fitted inside the walls creating an amazing diffused effect.  We recommend using LED lighting for an even more stunning effect on your inflatable marquee.

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