Hot Air Balloon Marketing

Hot Air Balloon Marketing solutions from Bloon.

Hot air balloons have been used for marketing purposes for many years. Yet they still have a massive appeal to audiences world wide. With some of the most highly attended events around the globe being hot air balloon festivals. This being in mind, have you considered aerial marketing as part of your brands marketing campaign?

Bloon can talk you through the many many options for aerial marketing. When it comes to not only choosing your advertising hot air balloon, but also about how it will be used? Will you tether your hot air balloon at major sporting events? Perhaps perform an attention grabbing PR stunt? Not forgetting your loyal customers and employee’s, who can take rides in your balloon also fulfilling your CSR duties! Unlike other operators who may tie you to a contracted number of hours or days. Then only take you branded hot air balloon to any event that they feel. Here at Bloon we ensure that you get targeted, tangible results.

Bloon are also the only aerial marketing company in the UK to own and operate an airship. Airships are truly the pinnacle of any marketing campaign. Their ability to circle and return to a set point allows them to gain huge attention from the ground as well as some amazing aerial photos which can be used in the press and socials.

There are no end to the possibilities when it comes to using a hot air balloon or airship as part of your aerial marketing strategy.