Hot Air Balloon Sponsorship

Hot air balloon sponsorship for local business

Hot air balloon sponsorship is an great solution for smaller local companies to get their brand into the skies. 

Sponsoring a hot air balloon can be a really effective tool for companies that have a more local or regional focus in the marketing. Instead of committing to full hot air balloon advertising packages, there is a flexibility with hot air balloon sponsorship that is ideal for Small to Medium sized businesses. 

Sponsoring a hot air balloon can be a fun and unique way to promote your brand locally. Here’s a general guide on how to go about it:

  1. Research: Will a hot air balloon be suitable for your business and your customers? You need to look at a hot air balloon as a long term solution rather than “Buy one get one free this weekend!” style campaign.

  2. Discuss Sponsorship Packages: We work with you to determine the sponsorship package that best suits your needs and budget. Packages can vary widely and may include features such as having your company logo displayed on the balloon, banners, or pilot uniforms, as well as opportunities for promotional activities that can take place.

  3. Terms: Once you’ve selected a sponsorship package, we then look at terms of the agreement. This may include the duration of sponsorship, specific branding guidelines, and any additional promotional opportunities you’d like to include.

  4. Provide Branding Materials: Prepare any branding materials required for the sponsorship, such as your company logo in the appropriate format and size for display on the balloon or other promotional materials.

  5. Finalise the Agreement: Review the sponsorship agreement carefully to ensure that all details are accurate and suitable for you. Make any necessary revisions before finalising the agreement.

  6. Make Payment: Arrange for payment of the sponsorship fee according to the terms outlined in the agreement. This may involve a one-time payment or installment payments depending on the agreement.

  7. Promote Your Sponsorship: Take advantage of the sponsorship to promote your brand or message. This could include social media posts, press releases, or other marketing efforts to raise awareness of your involvement with the hot air balloon.

Rise above the rest with a branded hot air balloon!