Mirror Ball Inflatables

Inflatable Mirror balls by Bloon

Mirror Ball Inflatables are a great decoration for all types of events. If you’re looking for a futuristic feel to a corporate event or want to create a stunning sparkly window display then an inflatable mirror ball is the answer.

Our Mirror Balls come in a variety of sizes from 50cm to 10+ meters in diameter. These are a sealed unit so they require no direct power supply and will remain inflated for weeks without the need to top up. Easy to operate and can be inflated within minutes ready to use. Mirror Balls make great ground inflatables, but can also be hung, and even float in water.

Bloon can provide these super shiny inflatables in a variety of colours and designs. Our most popular are Gold and Silver, but Bloon are able to produce these in Red, Green, Red, Iridescent and any more. For festive periods we can also mix the colours to produce a bauble effect. These inflatables can be used indoor or outdoor and work great with a lighting display!

We have a range of Mirror Balls ready to hire or these can be purchased. In addition these can be single units or bulk orders of 100+. We are the go to company for Mirror Ball Inflatables.

Mirror Ball inflatables for your next event, just an email away! Speak to a Bloonist.