Sealed Air Inflatables

Bespoke sealed air advertising inflatables by Bloon

Sealed Air Inflatables are usually produced from a durable PVC. These advertising inflatables are welded together rather than sewn like cold air inflatables.  This means that there is no need for a constant supply of power to your location.

Bloon can create sealed inflatables in any size from around 1 metre upwards. When we say Upwards we mean it too. In fact Bloon have created the worlds biggest beach ball…. not once but twice! First for Blackpool at a huge size of 14m. Following this Bloon then produced a whopping 18 meter giant beach ball for the Baywatch movie launch. Bloon pride themselves on still holding this world record! 

Sealed air inflatables are great for a whole range of uses. Our expert team can help you utilise your advertising inflatable and ensure it fits your business requirements. These inflatables are perfect for small and large businesses. Whether it be for indoor exhibitions or store launches Bloon can produce an inflatable that fits your needs. 

These inflatables do not need to always be huge and unique. Bloon over the years have produced multiple different styles of inflatables into a sealed typed. From our new inflatable columns that come in all in one case. To using double layered production with TPU and Oxford cloth to produce more detailed inflatables, which was not previously possible. 

Bloon are the Worlds only inflatable marketing agency with the ability to provide full production of such campaigns, with our knowledge of the experiential and PR stunt industry.

Dont keep your lips sealed! Talk to a Bloonist today about your advertising inflatable.