Bloon Walkers

The illuminated Back Pack Balloon by Bloon

Here at Bloon we are always coming up with new exciting inflatable solutions! Our latest creation is the Bloon Walker or Backpack Balloons. 

These Backpack Balloons are ideal for experiential campaigns or indoor and outdoor locations. Along with our Inflatable columns, these are also very effective when illuminated. These large inflatables use standard or RGB LED lighting inside to change colour and provide a bright glow. 

Backpack Balloons are not limited to only a sphere design. In addition Bloon can produce these Backpack Balloons in Cubes and Special Shapes. The standard size we use for these inflatables are 80cm. Bloon have found this is the perfect size for operating but also ensuring the inflatable stands out.  

All Bloon Walker backpack balloons are supplied with the backpack unit, Extendable Pole, Branded Inflatable, Internal Fan, LED Lighting, Remote Control, Battery pack and Battery charger. All necessary equipment is packed down into a handy carry bag for transportation and storage. 

Bloon provides all the necessary information on how to operate the inflatables. As well as that, we have a standard fitting guide which can be branded to fit your company guidelines. This can either be provided by PDF or we can put them with each kit. 

These simple yet striking inflatables are easy to operate. They can be set up and dismantled by one person in a matter of minutes.  However, If you ever needed to change your branding, the inflatable can be changed without having to replace the entire kit.  

Our backpack inflatables are great for parades, pride events, concerts and outdoor events. We have supplied multiple styles and types to Pride Parade Events across the year and are also a massive hit. These Backpack Balloons enable you to have brand awareness without having your hands full!  

Have an event or campaign a backpack balloon would be good for? Contact a Bloonist now.