Aerial Marketing solutions from Bloon

How Does Aerial Marketing work?

Aerial Marketing is an extremely effective form of advertising for any brand or business. Nothing captures the attention of your customers like something flying above them. 

Here at Bloon we are proud to be the only inflatable & hot air balloon company in the UK to offer a full range of services. From Hot air balloons in special shapes to helium spheres or flying 32 passengers in the biggest balloon in the world! Bloon have the equipment, knowledge and licenses to make your campaign a success. 

What kind of aerial marketing is there?

Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Using a hot air balloon to advertise is hugely effective. Hot Air Balloon advertising gives your brand an area the same size as a tennis court or even bigger! Your branded balloon can be used to fly over specific areas, whilst carrying your guests or photographers & press.

Special Shape Hot Air Balloon

The ultimate in aerial marketing! Hot air balloons can be manufactured in all sorts of shapes, limited only by your imagination. Modern day technologies allow our giant special shape balloons to float effortlessly through the skies in the shape of products, characters & logos. 

Airship Advertising

Bloon are the only company in the UK to have an operational thermal airship available for advertising campaigns. We have successfully operated our airship over Central London and at Events across the UK and Globally. These gentle giants effortlessly glide through the skies whilst carrying branding measuring over 60 feet long and 30 feet tall! 

Helium blimp

Bloon have for many years been the leading authority on helium blimps. Ideal for store launches, sales and events. A helium advertising blimp can be seen from miles around and be fully branded. Bloon also offer a hire service for shorter promotions. 

Helium sphere

A helium sphere from Bloon is a great solution for event promotions. If you are attending an exhibition, parade or have a store promotion we have the solution for you. 

How much does aerial marketing cost?

Aerial marketing budgets are defined by the scale of your campaign. Should you require a 2m helium sphere the cost will be significantly different to that of a special shaped hot air balloon. Our specialist team can discuss your brief with you and ensure we achieve the best ROI for your campaign.

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