Sports Inflatables

Bespoke sports inflatables by Bloon

Sports inflatables will give you the ability to add a sports element to your marketing. If you are a sports team wanting to add something to your training, Bloon have a whole host of great inflatable sports products available.

We are also always happy to hear from you should you have an inflatable sports concept and are in need of some expert advice to make it a reality.

Designed to your exact specification, we can create inflatable football pitches, Inflatable Rugby Pitches or even inflatable Hockey fields.

This truly mobile solution means you can take your sport anywhere.

Inflatable Panna Pitches are 15m long x 9m wide. Suitable for football training or 5 a side games.

We provide these in a range of colours with printed or detachable artwork.

Prices from £995+vat

Great fun for promotional campaigns and soccer practice.

Available in a range of sizes and styles to suit. There are also plenty of branding options available for your inflatable shoot out.

Developed for indoor use primarily these are ideal for target practice and can also be used for “virtual golf”.

We can use special projection fabric to ensure great picture quality or digitally print targets on the back wall with interchangeable panels.

Pretty much the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a hamster rolling about? Well now is your chance. Strap yourself in and get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime rolling down hill in a giant 10ft inflatable ball!

As with all of our promotional inflatables Zorb Balls come with full branding capability.

Developed in the far east, these are slightly smaller versions of the better known “Zorb”. The main difference with these is that your in full control as your legs stick out from the base meaning you can run, jump, bounce and roll your way around.

Great exercise and even more fun in a group!

Being the son of god is no longer a requirement to walk on water! Water walkers are the latest craze for swimming pools, leisure centres and theme parks.

Only Bloon manufactured Water Walkers have our unique system to ensure that the occupants are as safe as possible, and we use the very best materials available to ensure that they meet all safety requirements.

We can also supply inflatable pools to make your Water Walkers a mobile/temporary installation should you not have a permanent location.

Contact us today for hire and purchase prices of all Sports Inflatables