Flower Inflatables

Inflatable Flowers Bloom with Bloon

Bloon have been creating giant flower inflatables for many years. They can be a really eye catching spring or summer display in shopping centres or make a real focal point around stages and banquets. 

  1. Consultation and Design Selection:

    • Initiate a consultation with Bloon to discuss your requirements and preferences for inflatable flower designs.
    • Browse through Bloon’s catalog of inflatable flower options and select designs that complement the theme and ambiance of your stage, shopping center, or event.
  2. Customization and Branding:

    • Work closely with Bloon to customize the inflatable flower displays to align with your branding, color scheme, and overall aesthetic.
    • Incorporate any logos, slogans, or specific design elements that reinforce your brand identity and messaging.
  3. Stage Decoration Planning:

    • Determine the placement and arrangement of the inflatable flower displays on the stage to enhance the visual appeal and create a captivating backdrop.
    • Coordinate with stage designers or event planners to ensure seamless integration of the inflatable flowers into the overall stage decor.
  4. Shopping Center Installations:

    • Identify key locations within the shopping center where the inflatable flower displays will have maximum visibility and impact.
    • Work with Bloon to develop installation plans that consider space constraints, foot traffic patterns, and safety regulations within the shopping center.
  5. Event Timing and Seasonal Themes:

    • Plan your events to coincide with spring and summer seasons, leveraging the vibrant colors and floral motifs of the inflatable flowers to enhance the seasonal ambiance.
    • Coordinate event programming and activities that complement the theme of the inflatable flower displays, such as garden-themed workshops or floral arranging demonstrations.
  6. Logistics and Installation:

    • Coordinate logistics with Bloon to ensure timely delivery and setup of the inflatable flower displays at the designated venues.
    • Provide detailed instructions regarding installation requirements, including anchoring methods, power supply, and any additional setup considerations.
  7. Promotion and Engagement:

    • Utilize the inflatable flower displays as focal points for promotional activities and photo opportunities, encouraging visitors to engage with and share their experiences on social media.
    • Leverage digital signage or interactive displays integrated with the inflatable flowers to provide information about upcoming events, promotions, or sponsorships.
  8. Evaluation and Feedback:

    • Gather feedback from event attendees, shoppers, and stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of the inflatable flower displays in enhancing the ambiance and experience of the stage, shopping center, or event.
    • Use this feedback to inform future decisions and optimizations for utilizing inflatable flowers in similar settings or collaborations with Bloon.

By using Bloon’s inflatable flowers for stage decoration, shopping centers, and seasonal events, you can create visually stunning and immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Blooming great inflatables from Bloon. Contact us today!