Air Dancers

air dancer which has been bespoke branded for Nuffield health club

Air dancers are probably the most cost-effective way of introducing advertising inflatables to your marketing mix.

Many of our clients have reported massive increases in footfall thanks to using air dancers outside their locations.

Air Dancer? What is it and How Does it Add Value?

A Bloon air dancer is 25ft tall as standard guaranteeing to help you stand out from the crowd. Generally air dancers are a simple design with a friendly face, however additions can be made to make your air dancer more like your character or mascot.

Bloon Air dancers are quite simply the best quality advertising inflatable available today.  Made from our exclusive ripstop fabric and with artwork applied using appliqué technique, your new inflatable air dancer is guaranteed for 500 hours constant use.

Air Tube Air Dancer -From £650+vat

These are the simplest of designs, No face or arms. Just a simple tube with branding on. These inflatables are incredibly effective for a limited budget. Available in a range of colours and with branding using appliqué or velcro banners.

Single Legged Air Dancer – From £895+vat

As the name suggests our single legged air dancers are based on a single tube of material with a face and arms. They are very much the traditional image of an air dancer. We can add different faces to these to suit your requirements.

Double Legged Air Dancer – From £1150+vat

These air dancers tend to be a little larger than their single legged counterparts. They provide more a true character feel to your air dancer. Imagine one of these friendly characters waving people into your store or event!

Bespoke Build From – £950+vat

Do you have a specific idea that you want turning into an air dancer? If you want something totally unique for your Garage, Gym or Plumbers, Our experienced design team will help to design and build all manner of air dancers to suit your needs.

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