A Fresh Start With Amazon

Bloon have been working hard with Amazon to launch their new Amazon Fresh stores across London with branded inflatable columns.

Amazon approached Bloon with a campaign to advertise the launch of their new range of self-checkout stores across London. The stores are unstaffed and use new weighted and camera technology that allows you to go into the store and walk out without paying as it’s all done via an app. For the launch of the store, Amazon wanted advertising from ground level to height.

To get the best outcomes of advertising in difficult locations around London, we supplied Amazon with a range of inflatable columns and ariel inflatables.

The ground inflatables are two 2m Columns and a 3m Arch. These benefit from being sealed air with internal LED lighting on a battery pack so there is no need for them to be constantly plugged in. Because of this, these inflatables can be used anywhere and makes health and safety risk assessments a lot easier.

For the aerial advertising Amazon chose to have a fully Pantone matched Blimp with internal lighting to ensure it was attention-grabbing in the day and night time.

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