A Grenade?!

Over the years of hot air balloon production, there have been some fascinating shapes have been manufactured. Throughout the years, the world of special shapes has slowed down, that was until Bloon was contacted by Grenade.

Bloon was chosen by Grenade to design, build and operate a balloon that is out of the ordinary and will have heads turning where ever it is tethered or flown.

The Grenade balloon is the first of its shape with a size of 105,000 cubic feet made of Kubicek’s new lightweight polyester. Because of all its complex air pockets and design, the balloon should be very heavy, with the use of lightweight polyester we have been able to achieve a lightweight shape of its size with the same strength and durability as normal polyester.

The first activation of the balloon took place in the ever so fitting Tanks A Lot, giving a great first reveal to the CEO Alan Barratt and his team. We used our in house team to tether the balloon in monitored weather conditions and worked with Grenades content team to create a spectacular reveal video.

Here at Bloon we are always pushing the bar higher and going above and beyond. We work with our clients to make a vision a reality, and prove nothing is impossible! Contact us today.