Aerial Marketing in a Social Media Age

3rd October 2016

Hot Air Ballooning is one of the oldest forms of aviation. Very little has changed in ballooning since the ’70s. The basic systems although more up to date still work on the very same principles One thing that has changed is the new age of Social Media. There are millions of Camera Phone in the UK alone all with the ability to capture your branded hot air balloon advertising, floating through the skies.

In this video alone there are over 17,000 views of a balloon performing a “splash and dash”. This is a normal stunt where the pilot very slowly dips the balloon basket into the water. Imagine your brand being on this balloon! Not only would it have been seen by the people watching but then just 1 person shared the video and hey presto 17,000 extended impressions! No other form of advertising gives this extended reach.

Hot Air Balloon Advertising is very easy to link with your social media campaigns. Here at Bloon, we can work with you to ensure you have a marketing campaign that works with your own social media objectives.

If you are thinking about advertising with hot air balloons why not speak to the only UK agency for all things inflatable and aerial marketing?