Air Dancer for Champion Glazing

Champion Glazing approached Bloon needing to elevate their brand visibility. With their goals in mind, our team designed an Inflatable Air Dancer for Champion Glazing that suited the requirements and hit the brief of their desired Advertising Inflatable.

Crafting the Perfect Air Dancer:

Our design process began with a deep dive into Champion Glazing’s brand identity, values, and target audience. We wanted to ensure that every aspect of the Inflatable Air Dancer resonated with their brand and captured the attention of their desired demographic. Bloon always ensure to match design with company guide lines. Our team of skilled designers are at hand ready to produce 2D and 3D renders.

Taking Advertising to New Heights:

Once completed, the Inflatable Air Dancer made its debut as part of Champion Glazing’s advertising strategy. Whether it’s gracing trade shows, events, or standing proudly outside their storefront, the Air Dancer draws attention and leaves a lasting impression.


If your business requires an Advertising Inflatable but are unsure which would work best. Contact our team which your brief and a Bloonist will be more than happy to support your inflatable requirements.