Airship Advertising London

17th July 2019

Bloon made history on Sunday 14th July by successfully operating the first-ever thermal airship over central London.

The 100ft long aircraft uses hot air to lift itself, unlike traditional airships that use helium. The attraction of this kind of airship is that it can be easily deployed anywhere within an hour.

Carrying banners for our client Freshworks the airship took off and flew toward the cricket world cup final at Lords.

The specialist team at Bloon worked for over 9 weeks with the National Air Traffic Service, The CAA and launch sites to ensure all permissions were obtained. Something that many other companies were unable to do prior to Bloon taking on the project.

We also arranged a helicopter to fly in to cover the event from the air, producing some amazing images.

Bloon is now the operator of the ONLY Thermal Airship to be operational in the UK. If you would like to have your brand truly above the rest, contact Bloon today about our branding and operational packages.