Airship Flight Over Birmingham

9th August 2019

On Saturday the 3rd August Bloon carried out the first-ever thermal airship flight over Birmingham city centre.

Working with our client Freshworks again the airship took flight over Edgbaston cricket ground carrying the Freshworks branding and their charity #cricket4life hashtag.

On this flight, we were delighted to be carrying photographers and videographers from the Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Live who captured some great shots of the airship and the surrounding city skyline.

Airships are the absolute pinnacle of aerial marketing and Bloon are the ONLY operators of this type of aircraft in the UK. With airship advertising opportunities from a single day to fully branded airship tours of the UK and Europe. The possibilities are endless.

Our airship can carry up to 3 passengers and is licensed to fly within restricted airspace in the UK and Europe. With our specialist pilots having flown all over the world.

So if you have an aerial marketing project that you need to speak to the real experts in aerial marketing about, then contact Bloon. The only agency you actually want hot air from.