ALTCOP Guerrilla Marketing and Aerial Marketing

We like a challenge here at Bloon. This project certainly was one of those! Read on for our example of Guerilla Marketing and Aerial Marketing.

With the global climate conference, COP2020 Glasgow was cancelled. BrewDog founders James Watt & Martin Dickie decided to host the ALT COP. A virtual online conference giving insights into how businesses can reduce their C02 and Carbon footprint.

Friday 13th at 3 pm it was decided that a hot air balloon with a banner should be inflated outside the original venue of the SEC in Glasgow. However, this needed to be done on Sunday morning to ensure the photos could be edited and distributed.

Jumping straight into action we sourced an unbranded hot air balloon, and our expert team produced a banner to go on the balloon. Then hot-footed it to Scotland ready to inflate the balloon on Sunday morning.

On a very damp Sunday, the Bloonists assembled near the SEC in Glasgow and inflated the balloon in the pouring rain. Luckily the wind was on our side!

The balloon was up and inflated for just long enough for the photographers to get the images that they needed, then pack up and be off-site.

Here at Bloon, we are very used to having to turn around complex aerial marketing projects in short times, but this has to be our fastest ever!

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