Amazon Fresh Relaunch

After a successful launch campaign across London in 2021. Amazon Fresh recontacted Bloon to operate their 6m inflatable Blimp at the popular store in Islington.

Amazon are using the inflatables to advertise the store and their new payment methods that can be used. A long with the new payment methods, Amazon were giving away fresh fruit and vouchers to spend in store.

Along with the Blimp, Amazon also has Pantone matched inflatable arch and columns. The front of the store has a great display with the inflatable arch sitting perfectly inside the store entrance. The Blimp supports the store from being seen from height. Staff at the store heard customers say they saw he blimp from the tube stations and had to come see what is was about.

See here the first operation we did with Amazon Fresh for their store launch.

If you like to use inflatables to advertise your business or have a potential marketing campaign contact Bloon today.