Amazon Prime Day in London

After the great success of their Prime Day in Manchester, Amazon wanted to step up the level at their main Head Office in London using their helium inflatables. With more exciting elements planned for the event day and in an even more iconic location, Prime Day was sure to be a great event.

Bloon planned multiple site visits and meetings with the site management and event organizers to ensure the inflatable products were tethered safely and also in the most eye-catching locations. The location for the inflatables to be operated we inside the main cafe of the Amazon building.

Firstly the giant 6m Pantone-matched Amazon Fresh helium Blimp was inflated to the 13 floors of the building. Bloon used multiple tether lines to ensure the movement of the Blimp was minimal inside the building. Opposite the helium Blimp was two 2.5m Pantone-matched Amazon Prime sphere balloons. These were inflated and tethered to the 11th and 12th floors of the building. With the top three floors being the main head office of both operations we needed to ensure these were the main points of attention.

Bloon installed all the helium products the night previous to the main event day to ensure all tether points were correct and it was signed off with the site manager. Throughout the day the helium inflatables were turning heads and grabbing attention across the office. The event date was a huge success with other elements like marching bands and confetti cannons.

If your company has an inflatable to be inflated indoors or outdoors for one-off and long-period events, contact a Bloonist today and our team will be more than happy to assist with this.