Amazon Prime Day in Manchester

Amazon is continuously working with Bloon to promote new Amazon Fresh store launches and boost trade at their current stores across the UK. Amazon wanted to do something special for Prime Day, and of course, wanted to include some of its key inflatables to be used. The first location for Prime Day was at their head office in Manchester.

After a site visit and planning what was possible, Bloon knew what could be achieved within the space and put on a great display for all their office to see. Bloon puts together all the risk assessments ahead of each installation and ensures the inflatables are suitable for the site.

The installation chosen was to have their Pantone-matched Amazon Fresh Blimp inside the Amazon Head Office. Contrasting the Helium Blimp were two Pantone-matched inflatable spheres that were also helium filled to float to the height of their 8th floor. As the two main top floors of the building are used for Amazon we needed to ensure this was getting the most amount of visibility for the inflatables.

Due to open lift shafts in the area, Bloon took extra precautions and fitted a second tether line to the Helium Blimp ensuring that with any wind draft, it was not possible for the Blimp to move toward the lifts. Ensuring the safety of use and installation is a top priority for Bloon, and no corners are cut whilst operating inflatables.

The inflatables were a great addition to the other elements at Amazon’s Prime Day. Ensuring all elements of the business were involved and creating unique photo opportunities for their staff and clients. After Amazon had finished their event, they contacted Bloon to take the equipment down the same evening. With staff always nationwide, Bloon prides itself on being always available for their customers.

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