Amazon inflatable arches

Bloon continues to support Amazon with the launch of its Fresh stores across the UK. It created Amazon inflatable arches on store opening.

Previously Bloon supplied Amazon with Pantone matched columns, arches and a blimp for the first store launches in Central London.

The products worked so well on the launch that Amazon has had four more columns and two arches produced to be able to use across the UK.

Bloon cannot wait to see these inflatables displayed on the opening days.

Inside, the convenience store is similar to many mainstream supermarkets. It has fresh baked croissants and fruit, as well as ready-made meals. Amazon owns the Whole Foods Market business, which has seven stores in the UK. It’s previously operated popup stores and online grocery delivery services.

If you like what we created with Amazon inflatable arches and also want to promote a store launch contact a Bloonist today.