ARAG SE – Gold Mirror Balls

Bloon recently installed a range of Gold Mirror Balls on hire for ARAG SE. These were installed at the Bristol Beacon venue as part of a large conference.

Multiple of these inflatables were used across the venue to create a fantastic display at the entrance of the venue and on the main stage. Bloon installed these in clusters of three, each with a size of 1.5m, 2m, and 2.5m.

The first cluster was positioned on a small stage at the entrance of the venue, giving a great impact when guests entered. On the main stage, Bloon installed another two clusters to fill the corners of the stage. Lighting was positioned on these inflatables to add some extra shine.

Contact a Bloonist today for hire and purchase options of these shiny inflatables!

Take a look at this post-event video featuring the Mirror Balls display.