Asthma Awareness With Sanofi

Sanofi wanted a way to be able to engage with their colleagues and promote #athmaawareness and Lung Cancer Awareness month. After a brief conversation we had the idea of having a set of sealed air inflatables lungs made to put on display in their main office.

Once Bloon had received the design we promptly got this approved by our factor and had the sealed air inflatables manufactured and delivered in a matter of weeks. At Bloon we are able to provide inflatables in short periods of time and are very accustom with making last minute ideas come to life.

Our inflatables use an internal bladder and an outer skin as the artwork. This allows the skin to be completely changeable if artwork ever needed to be changed or repairs needed to be made. The bladder and skin design also allow us to be able to put internal weights inside so there are fewer hazards from sandbags or other weighting equipment. This makes risk assessments easier and your health and safety team a lot happier.

We can’t wait to see what Sanofi will do next with this great inflatable and maybe more…

If you want to raise awareness in your business or have an inflatable idea contact a Bloonist today.