Balloon Festival Success

8th June 2018

Balloon fiestas are fantastic events to attract visitors to venues or to enhance community programmes. With ballooning events listed in the top 20 outdoor events in the UK, they are a great spectacle and can easily be linked with other activities and attractions.

Bloon is able to arrange hot air balloon events from just a few balloons to hundreds of balloons filling the skies. With balloon displays, free flights and ever-popular nightglows.

Hot air balloon festivals can easily bolt onto county shows, fairs, racing events, community festivals, concerts…. You name it there is a solution to suit any event and any budget.

The media also love a balloon event, with balloons being big, vibrant and exciting. Making ideal content for TV, Print and even radio. Bloon of course can manage all PR activity for you, even down to social media.

If you are a council, venue or event organiser that would like to add a balloon event to your calendar then speak to a Bloonist today about our balloon event organisation solutions.