Balloons Galore at Spring Fair

7th February 2017

Spring Fair marks the start of show season for us here at Bloon. Being the UK’s leading supplier of all things inflatable we were delighted to be installing helium exhibition balloons for both new and existing clients.

Once again, Brennan Atkinson had their Torus balloon installed. The giant 6m diameter doughnut dominated the space above their stand. However, to celebrate their 45th Anniversary, there was a new addition of a cube balloon from our economy range.  This style cube has no internal tethers making it more bulbous than our standard range, although the reduction in weight allows a longer float time and also reduced costs.

Across in hall 5, we have also installed the 2 Wilton Bradley helium spheres on their equally impressive exhibition stand. The balloons are again attached directly to their structure giving additional branding support in the dead space overhead.  We worked with Wilton Bradley to create 2 very eye-catching balloons which fell in line with their brand guidelines and corporate colours.

All of the balloons we installed across the NEC are managed by Bloon. We take care of Storage, Maintenance, Installation and De-rig. Bloon have also negotiated some very special helium prices for our managed clients, meaning having and operating a helium inflatable from Bloon is even more affordable than ever.