BASF Helium Cube Balloon for Exhibition

20th April 2018

Chemical’s giant BASF recently had their helium-filled exhibition cube balloon installed at the NEC  for the Foodex show. The helium cube balloon is fully printed to match BASF’ Pantone colour.

With the balloon required to last 5 days, this cube has fewer internal ties to help make it lighter, meaning a much longer float time with the helium. It’s this kind of specialist knowledge of inflatables and helium balloons that makes Bloon stand out as the supplier of choice for many of our clients.

Bloon will be managing the balloon for BASF over the coming years at events. A service which we now provide for in excess of 30 clients at a range of shows across the UK and Europe.

If you have an exhibition coming up and would like to have a helium cubeexhibition sphere or even a special shape balloon. Then contact a Bloonist today.