Bloon Are Back In The Air with bespoke hot air ballon

Hot air ballooning is always a challenge in the winter months and is considered out of season. This has made no exception with this year. With a lot of challenging weather, Bloon has not been able to free fly as much as hoped. The the weather gets warmed we are back in the air with our Bespoke Hot Air Balloon.

Bloon uses this time between the flying seasons to have all of the hot air balloon equipment inspected and retested for flight worthiness as health and safety are a key part of our work.

When Bloon finally got a break in the weather they took to the launch field with the all-ready kit. Even though the weather had finally broken through, the pilot still need to keep in mind the conditions of landing locations and ensure these are suitable for our bespoke hot air balloon and retrieval vehicles.

Below is a gallery of photos from Bloons training flights in the local area.

During the break in the weather, Bloon got an opportunity to fly in one of our favourite locations, Lake Windemere.

Bloon has previously flown over the Lake District but was for advertising the Grenade hot air balloon. Check the results of the flight here.

Below is a gallery of photos from Bloon’s flight in Lake Windermere in their company-branded balloon.