Built for Athletes Inflatable Backpacks

Bloon was recently contacted by Built for Athletes for an inflatables product that can be used indoor and outdoor at numerous events and exhibitions. The inflatable needed to be able to be packed up so it can be taken in a van with all their kit, but of course they wanted it big enough to make some impact at events!

Some background information on the company. ‘Built For Athletes was founded by CrossFit enthusiast Nick Costello in late 2018, today we have supplied over 160,000 athletes around the world. Our backpacks are trusted by everyone who is passionate about fitness and the benefits that brings to body and mind.’

Bloon suggested producing two inflatable replicas of their reputable backpack. These backpacks are 3m in height and are filled by a constant air fan. As the same as their product backpack, these inflatables have a Velcro banner space on the fronts so banners can be changed per event.

If you have a product you would like to produce into an inflatable or need some ideas on how to advertise using inflatables, contact Bloon today.